May 19 2008

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

Saturday 5/17/08
Trip: 9.76 miles
Elevation: 1811ft (max) 981ft (min) 1620ft (total accent)
Time: 3h 44m (moving) 38m (stopped)
Moving Avg: 2.6 mph
Temperature: 71 F
Wind: Light breeze
Conditions: Clear, no precipitation
Pack Weight:

This was a solo hike through part of the [Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park]. The weather was perfect – clear skies, no rain, 71 degrees F the whole day with a light breeze. It was surprisingly harder than I was expecting due to some of the technical sections and the vertical takeoff right at the start. The West trail starting at the Visitors Center is basically 700ft straight up via a switch-back trail that’s heavily traveled by visitors coming down from the bus ride up to the peak. From there, it’s all downhill through boulder fields and some technical rocky switch-backs. At the base of Kennesaw Mountain it eventually levels out and you start walking through some really nice open meadows and canopy forest. The trail at this point is well groomed walking/running trail. I hiked counter-clockwise from the Vistor’s Center along the West Trail down to Highway 120 and then back via the East Trail. No pictures this time unfortunately (the views from the crest are amazing) because my wife has both cameras in Sarasota.

Confederate cannon emplacements and troop trenches litter the entire park so there’s plenty of historical history to contemplate while you hike:

Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield is a 2,923 acre National Battlefield that preserves a Civil War battleground of the Atlanta Campaign. The battle was fought here from June 19, 1864 until July 2, 1864. Sherman’s army consisted of 100,000 men, 254 guns and 35,000 horses. Johnston’s army had 63,000 men and 187 guns. Over 67,000 soldiers were killed, wounded and captured during the Campaign.

Elevation Profile
Kennesaw Trail
Kennesaw Mountain National Park

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