May 12 2008

MSR HyperFlow™

I finally found a replacement for my heavy (read: bombproof) [Katadyn Pocket Filter]. At ~20oz, it’s kind of a pig for lightweight backpacking so I’ve been keeping my eye out for a replacement. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my Pocket Filter, it’s one of the best personal ceramic water filters on the market imo – I’m just trying to shave as much weight off my pack list as possible for my upcoming 7 day AT hike here in Georgia.

[MSR (Mountain Safety Research)] finally released their Hyperflow™ model and after reading nothing but great reviews, I decided to drop the rest of my [Cabelas] gift certificate on it. Can’t beat getting a $100 piece of gear for $9!

Weighing in at ~7.5 ozs it’s roughly half the size and weight of my Pocket Filter. The unit is easy to disassemble for cleaning and contains only a few moving parts. It ships with the core filter unit, pickup hose, pre-filter for sediment, and a nifty bottle adapter. I probably won’t use the bottle adapter – I’ll just plumb in some quick-disconnects so I can fill my hydration bladder directly off the Hyperflow™. MSR claims .2 micron filtering (standard for personal filters) which will grab just about all the nasties except viruses (not too worried about water borne virus contamination in the US) via mechanical filtration.

So far my sink tests show it’s pretty easy to use and the published high-flow pump rate seems doable as long as I keep the filter clean (the unit can be back-washed via a flow-valve reversal). I think I’ll be happy with it. I’ll keep the Pocket Filter around for my BOB and use the Hyperflow™ for backpacking when I know the water isn’t going to be particularly nasty (ie. Georgia mountain streams vs. Florida swamp water).

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