Jun 11 2008

Appalachian Trail Wrap Up

I‘ve finally gotten all my notes and pictures put together from our recent adventures on the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail. Unforetunately, my knees couldn’t handle the prolonged punishment from carrying a 40lb pack and the constant ups & downs so I had to tap out late Wednesday night. It sucks because the issues I was having never manifested during my training hikes but we still had a great time and I learned a ton about long distance hiking. I’ve split up my journal entries by day – you can read more detail on my [Hiking Journal page].

Sunday weigh-in: 218.5 lbs
Wednesday weigh-in: 208.5 lbs
Sunday pack weight: ~40 lbs
Wednesday pack weight: ~33 lbs
Total Mileage: 38 miles
Total Ascent: 7826 ft
Max elevation: 4485 ft

Mark, Scott, and I are already looking at a return date for finishing off the parts we had to miss due to my injury. We’re thinking a long weekend some time in October. With that goal in mind, I’ve got some training I need to do between now and then – most importantly, strengthening everything from my knees down. I’m also going to use hiking poles from the very start and rework my entire packing list in an effort to drop my base weight even further. Oh and I’m changing my diet – it’s time to drop some of the extra baggage.

Elevation Profile
Springer Mountain – Tesnatee Gap

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