Jul 14 2008

iPhone 2.0 Redux

So I’m hooked. I gotta get the new [iPhone 2.0]. Problem is, every store in Atlanta is sold out and nobody has a clue when the next shipment will arrive. I had a shot on Saturday but missed the last one by 15 minutes so now I’m going crazy from [instant gratification withdrawl].

My buddy [David] had a similar experience this weekend but managed to squeak in under wire. I think my next best shot will be tomorrow at 9am – one of the local store reps swears the shipment that didn’t arrive this morning will be available for tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.


Well, my quest for a new iPhone is over. I’m not eligible for the iPhone “upgrade” until Dec. 18th, 2008. Sure, I can still buy one – I’ll just have to pay the full $399 price for the 8GB model.

Now I’m bummed.

Update 2:

David just suggested I head down to the local Apple store and buy one there. Apparently, they’ll sell me an 8GB iPhone for the $199 price and activate my service – this might bypass the contract “eligibility issue” the AT&T store claims I have. I’ve got another way around this if the Apple Store Bypass doesn’t work but I can’t attempt my hypothesis until Mel & I move back to Florida.

Now I have a glimmer of hope.

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