Jul 03 2008

iPhone 2.0

About a year ago as the first iPhone was coming online and it seemed like the entire world was standing in line to get one, I made a decision to wait. Partly because I couldn’t afford ~$400+ of my own money on a new phone no matter how frickin’ cool it looked or how revolutionary everybody claimed it would be. Yea it had a really slick user interface, and it rolled your iPod, cell phone, video player, web broswer, and picture frame all into an uber-thin package but it was new. Not new like a new car new but new like “nothing Apple or anybody else has ever done before so it’s really new“. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned supporting new technology these last few years – no matter what the manufacturer claims, you’ll always run into ver. 1.0 problems.

Needless to say, I’m glad I waited. Almost within the first week, users starting reporting some very interesting issues with the new iPhone: battery failures (non-user replaceable btw), sign-up difficulties (not to mention locking yourself into a two year contract with AT&T), defective units right out of the box, zero SDK support and no third party software apps, security flaws within the [iPhone Safari browser], etc. The list just seemed to go on and on as more people dug into it. Hell, within a month of release somebody had already [cracked] it so you could use it on other networks (Apple retaliated by [bricking] your iPhone if you tried to run any future updates on it via iTunes).

Well a week or two ago and the release of ver 2.0 finally arrived – [the 3G iPhone] will hit stores on July 11th. At ~$200 for the 8GB version, it’s got me interested all over again. The only decision now is, is it still [new] or just improved?

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