Jul 23 2008

World War Z

I haven’t had much free time lately but this weekend I was able to knock out one of the books on my reading list: World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.

Written by Max Brooks, who also authored The Zombie Survival Guide, it tells the story of a [world wide zombie apocalypse] via a collection of short, first person interviews recorded by survivors 10 years after the initial outbreak of a deadly virus. The virus is transmitted via bodily fluids (100% contagious) and not only kills the host but re-animates the body turning them into flesh-eating predators. Mr. Brooks gives keen insight on possible global reactions to a deadly pandemic that threatens humanity with extinction.

It’s a fast read and rather entertaining.

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  1. dvg says:

    Hey, cool! I saw this at the bookstore and considered grabbing it. Now I will. Great to see you posting book reviews, man.

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