Aug 14 2008

Skip Airport Security?

Well not really but last night as I was walking with Mel & Maddie through the Atlanta airport, I noticed a kiosk by the Delta check-in area that was promoting some sort of new service for frequent flyer’s (or anybody really). I’m a sucker for anything technical especially when it incorporates super secret squirrel stuff like fingerprint scanning and eyeball imaging:

Clear’s simple, two step enrollment process begins online. Applicants create an account and fill-in basic biographic information. Then, applicants must go to a Clear enrollment location, where our attendants will verify two forms of government-issued identification, and capture a photograph, your fingerprint images and your iris images. This information is used to allow you access to the designated Clear lane at the checkpoint.

I don’t think smaller municipal airports will spend any money on the tech since you usually don’t deal with long security lines when you fly into someplace like Sarasota or Melbourne, Florida but the overall idea for larger airports is still pretty cool imo. The web site claims you also avoid some of the normal hassle associated with bored TSA agents and airport terminal security check-points.

I guess if I was a frequent flyer, $128 a year would be worth it.

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  1. dvg says:

    “Clear” is one of the most obnoxious and insulting things I’ve ever seen. The idea that you can *pay* to “skip” airport security is ridiculous. American Express is (likely) making a ton of money on this idea and are you really telling me that a potential terrorist is not out there somewhere waiting to use this “service” to put lives in danger? Just because someone doesn’t have a “record” or isn’t on any “watch lists” doesn’t mean he’s not a terrorist.
    The very idea that you can *pay* to avoid the “hassle” of airport security is an outrage.

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