Aug 05 2008

Steinhatchee, FL

For the past several years, my extended family has been gathering in [Steinhatchee, FL] during the first weekend of August to partake in our annual [Argopecten irradians concentricus] hunt. Getting the Tober mob all in one location at the same time during a regular holiday is impossible so our scalloping trip is an oportunity to catch up and spend some quality vacation time with everybody.

Sounds fun right? Probably not as exciting as big game hunting in Africa but there are the occasional moments of panic when you grab something slimy in the eel-grass or maybe get harassed by a passing [Remora]. We did hear reports this year of a 4ft Hammer-head shark sighting but those are pretty rare (juvenile sharks of various Gulf species come into the shallows to feed). I think the biggest risk is getting a nasty sunburn or maybe letting one of the little buggers nip your finger (some of the shell edges can be razor sharp).

Rain ForecastSince the locals mentioned they hadn’t had much rain all summer, the Gulf decided to kick up a low pressure front and sit it on top of Steinhatchee for the first part of our weekend. We had a steady drizzle all day Friday and most of Saturday with the occasional downpour whenever you thought it would start to clear up. In Steinhatchee, if you can’t fish or scallop the only thing left to do is hang out at the Tiki Bar and drink. Which we did.

In typical vacation weather fashion, it was clear and sunny on Sunday since we had to leave but we managed to sneak in a couple of hours of boating in the morning. Overall we had a great time and we’re looking forward to next year.

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