Aug 25 2008

Stone Mountain, GA – Summit Trail

Sunday 8/17/08
Trip: ~3 miles
Elevation: 1686ft (max) 1025ft (min) 761ft (total accent)
Time: 1h 11m
Temperature: 85 F
Wind: Light breeze
Conditions: Clear, hummid, no precipitation
Pack Weight: <10lbs (day hike)


This is one of my “workout” tracks I like to do at [Stone Mountain State Park]. You launch straight up right from the trail head and don’t stop until you reach the public pavilion at the summit (refreshments and bathrooms available). Unlike [Kennesaw Mountain], the entire track is over natural granite exposed on the mountain’s western face. Technically, it’s an easy hike with little or no boulder scrambles but it can be taken at any speed with as much or as little pack load as you want so it offers a versatile workout for all levels.

Elevation Profile
Stone Mountain Summit Trail

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