Sep 28 2008

It was over when …

I‘m obviously not a football coach. I’ve never actually played organized football beyond some backyard games as a kid. However, watching the Gator’s line up on 4th and 1 with ~45 seconds left on the game clock, knowing we only needed another ~10 yards for an easy field goal, I knew Tebow was taking the ball. In fact, the entire stadium, the announcers, and the Ole Miss defensive line knew Tebow was getting the ball.

Hence, Tebow got stuffed trying to run it up the middle. In fact, I don’t think he even crossed the line of scrimmage. Game over. We lost 31-30 after spending the entire game trying to hand Ole Miss the win. 5 fumbles. A blocked PAT. Weak offensive line protection for Tebow. Dropped catches. Blown pass coverage. Overthrown routes. The list goes on and on and on. We had one chance at redemption and blew it completely on a play call that just didn’t make any sense.

I give Tebow credit though. After the game he stood up at the press meeting and made the following statement:

“I’m sorry. I’m extremely sorry,” he said. “We were hoping for an undefeated season. That was my goal, something Florida’s never done here. But I promise you one thing: a lot of good will come out of this.

“You have never seen any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of this season and you’ll never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of this season, and you’ll never see a team play harder than we will the rest of this season.”

This weekend was just crazy with upsets. Georgia got trounced by Alabama 41-30 and USC gave it up to Oregon State 27-21. I think 7 top 25 teams lost this weekend. Which means we still have a chance at an SEC East bid if we can win the rest of our conference games. LSU bumped up to the #3 slot, Alabama jumped to #2. We play LSU but not Alabama. LSU plays Alabama. If LSU can beat Alabama and we beat LSU plus win the SEC championship, there’s a glimmer of hope for a BCS title game bid.

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