Sep 23 2008

Out of Gas?

Yea almost. Quarter tank left and I can’t find a gas station here in the metro Atlanta area that has stock. Apparently gas is flowing into the city but everybody is trying to keep topped-off so any stock that makes it to a station is gone within a couple hours. I estimate I’ve got another 2 days of gas left for my commute and then I’m in trouble.

Ironically, I’ve been telling myself all summer not to let my tank get below half during hurricane season because anytime the Gulf gets hit, Atlanta goes bonkers and people panic causing even more trouble with gas supplies. But Mel and I spent the weekend in Ellijay so I was going to fill back up when I hit town but got caught behind the weekend rush. Now I’m screwed if I can’t catch a gas station between today and Friday.

This is why it pays to own a house and property kids. I’m not some natural disaster noob but living in a loft downtown doesn’t give me many options when it comes to stockpiling critical emergency supplies … like a couple 5 gallon jerry-cans worth of gas.

Should be a fun couple of days.

Update: After driving around Cobb county for 30 minutes yesterday evening I finally found a Shell Station that had regular unleaded. 20 mins later and I had a full tank. I’m estimating 1 in 10 stations are sold out daily only 1 in 10 stations have gas on a daily basis. We haven’t reached panic levels yet but you can tell people are starting to get edgy.

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