Oct 10 2008

October is the month of crazy!

Ten days ago I was worried I might not be able to find enough gas to keep my wife and I going.  Today, not only do we have plenty of gas but the cost per gallon is almost 65 cents less.  Crude Oil barrel prices are somewhere in the sub $90 range (and falling) so our local station prices are averaging $3.55 or so per gallon on regular unleaded.  That’s compared to an average of $4.19 10 days ago.

I’m guessing if the world market keeps sinking like it has in the last week, we might see gas prices dip below the $3.00 mark for regular unleaded.

In other news, my best friend David and his lovely wife Tricia flew into Atlanta Sunday night. David was in Atlanta for business on Monday and Tuesday but had a chance to crash at our loft in Castleberry Hill Tuesday night before heading out for some vacation time in Savannah, GA (1 year wedding anniversery!). The last time we saw each other in person was during his wedding so it was nice having the opportunity to catch up.

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