Nov 17 2008

Gators Clinch SEC East

Urban Meyer pic by Steve Mitchell/US PresswireTechnically, the Gator’s clenched the SEC East division last week after drubbing Vanderbuilt in another blow out win for UF. This week, the Gator’s managed to hang 50 points on the Ole’ Ball Coach and handed him his worse defeat in 92 games. Spurrier was lucky it wasn’t worse – Meyer pulled Tebow and most of his 1st string offense late in the 3rd quarter, letting them cheer on guys like Brantley, Moody and Demps who finished off the game 56-6.

So what’s left? Well assuming we don’t fall asleep during the Citidel game this week and we manage to beat FSU in Tallahassee, it all comes down to the SEC conference title game against Alabama. Win that and there’s a good chance we go to the BCS National Championship game.

Go Gators!

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