Dec 11 2008

Beware the slow moving water

Flooded Atlanta HighwayApparently, if it rains long enough in Atlanta, GA. even the water gets stuck in traffic. Normally the Department of Corrections does an OK job keeping the highways picked up (even though people in Atlanta are horrible when it comes to throwing trash away properly) but during heavy prolonged rain (it’s been coming down for 48 hours straight now), all the trash and leaf litter washes downhill and collects in great big piles. Usually right over a storm drain. As the water backs up onto the highway and slowly starts to flood across each lane, the commuter-crazy Atlantians continue to race pell-mell through the rising water until a D.O.T. HERO unit arrives to shut down the highway. At this point, a couple miles worth of cars/trucks back up across 5 lanes and it pretty much screws the commute for everybody unlucky enough to be on the wrong side of the flood.

I wonder if the D.O.T. guys draw straws to determine which unlucky SOB gets to don hip-boots, wade out into the trash slush with a shovel to uncork the storm grate. At the same time, trying to avoid getting sucked into the Atlanta sewer system as a couple thousand metric tons of highway bilge water drain off the asphalt.

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