Dec 08 2008

Unsolicited irony …

Unsolicited junk faxes from ...We get a ton of junk emails everyday. In fact, our Barracuda Spam Firewall has blocked 56 million junk emails in just the last 6 months. I’m not sure what our current junk fax rate is but I’m willing to bet it’s something a bit less than 56 million. It gives me the warm and fuzies knowing that organizations like the NNRAA (National Number Removal Assistance Association) are out there fighting the good fight against unwanted fax spam.

However, the irony of somebody sending us an unsolicited fax advertisement offering a service to help remove us from unsolicited fax lists did not escape me. Yes, I’m that sharp. I sent the following fax back in reply (Ron Tuber is my porn star alias):


Thank you for offering your free service to help remove our telephone number from unsolicited fax lists. It’s gotten out of hand. I’m literally drowning in unsolicited faxes everyday. It’s so bad, our increase in thermal paper costs have cut into our annual Christmas bonus monies.

I’ll start by asking you to contact the NNRAA and have them remove our corporate fax number (770.953.XXXX) from their fax lists. At the moment, the NNRAA is responsible for 90% of all our current unsolicited junk faxes and we’re hoping you guys can help stop the insanity.


Ron “The Fax Admin” Tuber

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