Feb 09 2009

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

That’s a fancy way of saying “I woke up this morning with a huge red blood spot on my left eye”. Great. It would’ve been really cool if my entire sclera had turned red but this is just big enough to make everybody who looks at me go “yo dude, what’s that thing on your eye?”. Most likely occurred from a coughing fit I had last night due to this head cold I can’t shake. I’m not running a fever or have severe congestion but it’s enough to agitate the back of my throat causing me to dry cough in fits every couple of hours. Had it for about a week now. I guess if that’s not the cause then maybe my cornea is about to fall off (I had both eyes corrected with the Lasik procedure last year).

I could go to a doctor but then I wouldn’t have this really cool blood spot on my eye. Oh and I’m really not that hip with medical terms.


  1. dvg says:

    Good Lord, man. That sounds horrible.

  2. MOM says:

    Sounds like too much late nite partying!!


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