Mar 17 2009

The Want List …

I‘m pretty obsessed with gadget technology. Unfortunately, most of it gets classified as “a want” vs. “a need” by my financial planner (i.e. my wife) and for good reason. I could easily go broke keeping up with the technology equivalent of the Joneses. I mean seriously, some this stuff is pretty frickin cool.

  1. Laptop sexy: Onyx Adamo or a Inspiron Mini 9 (Hackintosh!)
  2. Hardware Firewall: Open Firewall Pico by Yoggie
  3. Trash your remote pile: Logitech’s Harmony One
  4. Tune in Tokyo: Yaesu’s FT-857D (not a Ham? Become one!)
  5. Tough enough: Olypus Stylus Tough-8000
  6. Solar ftw: Solio Magnesium

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