May 05 2009


Well it finally happened. I just received an email from a company using the “swine flu pandemic scare” in a desperate attempt to drum up business. The pitch:

I have received numerous calls over the last seven days from SunGard clients and prospective clients about the Swine flu and how SunGard can assist in planning for a potential disaster of this nature. I have outlined this critical information on SunGard’s Pandemic Response Plan and Pandemic Incident Management Plan.

The Pandemic Response Plan provides a proactive means for our client to outline decisions and actions that should be performed as a response to an influenza situation that may escalate to the point of disrupting normal business processes. This is a customized service that will assess risks, identify business priorities, and will develop enterprise pandemic scenario and response templates.

The Pandemic Incident Management Plan will guide each client’s Executive Management and Incident Management teams in an enterprise-wide response to a pandemic related incident. This includes action-oriented procedures, checklists of decision points, required activities, explanation of roles, and definition of resources and a summary of potential exposures.

SunGard has setup a Pandemic Planning Web Page. This page provide our clients with various resources to help prepare for the unique risks posed by a global or regional epidemic (i.e., SunGard’s Pandemic Response Checklist, Three Keys to Pandemic Preparedness, and our “Precaution and not Panic: Mitigating the Risks of a Pandemic” white paper).

I hope this information helps in your planning to address a potential pandemic episode. And please let me know if you are interested in additional information on SunGard’s Pandemic Response plan and Pandemic Incident Management Plan and how we can help your organization. Please email me directly or contact us if you want to discuss specific items.

I don’t have an issue with disaster preparation but it should be something that is for the most part, universal. You either have enough staff to continue running your business or you don’t. You either have off-site backups/standby hardware or you don’t – you get my point. The cause of the “disaster” doesn’t really matter (it affects long term recovery but not the short term). So I rate global pandemics right up there with meteors hitting the earth and Conficker viruses destroying the Internet – for the most part, it’s all media driven hype.

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