Jun 08 2009

Life … or something like it

Not much new to report, just trying to get re-acclimated to the oppressive heat during the Georgia Summer while watching Maddie grow up.

  • Madeline has pretty much given up crawling and is now walking almost full time!
  • Apple just announced the new iPhone 3G S is set for release on June 17th – looking over the hardware changes … meh, I’ll keep my 3G and not worry about it. I don’t need a better camera, I don’t need more memory, I don’t need a compass and I really don’t care too much about voice control. It’ll be interesting to see what the performance differences are though.
  • In conjunction with the new hardware platform, the 3.0 software set launches on the same day. This is what I’ve really been waiting on.
  • Melissa’s birthday is coming up fast!
  • I really like the Luminox 3000 Navy SEAL dive series but I like the Traser H3 P 6500 Type 6 even better. (Traser happens to license the P 6500 design directly to Luminox)

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