Oct 07 2009


Approaching Hubbard GlacierAmong other things, we’re still trying to decompress from our 2 week whirlwind vacation to Vancouver, Alaska, Victoria and Seatle. Most of it from the deck of the Celebrity X Mercury cruiseship. My first time aboard a ship this size and we go for almost 2 weeks! I’ve got over 600 digital pictures from 3 different cameras, a couple days worth of GPS track files, and plenty of amazing memories to sort through as we try to get stuff posted online between this site and our Facebook account.

Throw all that into the blender with Madeline, College Football in full swing, and the day-to-day stress of Atlanta and it becomes clear we need more hours in the day to get it all done on time.

I’m hoping to get pics posted by the end of the week and then some of the GPS track highlights afterwards. I think we’ve got some cool shots of some amazing scenery and I can’t wait to get them posted.

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