Oct 19 2010

Madeline’s First Gymnastics Recital

It seems like just yesterday Madeline was learning to walk and now she’s participated in her very first public gymnastics recital. Melissa has been keeping Madeline active over the last 8 months or so with swimming lessons, music and now – gymnastics. The local YMCA offers a 9 week class that introduces young children to the basics. Last Saturday, all the different age groups got together for a public recital so the parents could watch everybody show off their skills. We didn’t know if Madeline would like it or not but she seems pretty excited about all of it. Even more shocking, she’s normally pretty shy around strangers but being in front of the crowd didn’t seem to bother her at all.

We’re both very proud of her accomplishments and I think this might be something she’ll continue participating in as she grows up. A video of her performance is after the break.

For starters, I apologize for the resolution on this video. After 3 separate rips (camera to XP, XP to .WMV, .WMV to .FLV) I can’t blame the final product for looking almost like VHS. In retrospec, I should’ve just used my darn iPhone to record her performance but we’ve been using our 8 year + old Sony Handycam for most of our video shots – old habits (and technology) are hard to break apparently. MiniDVisn’t exactly modern tech these days but that darn handycam has been such a work horse, it’s hard to put down.

I think for Christmas we’ll look at updating our video cam with something like a Flip or similar device so we can get HD digital directly and not have to jump through several tedious hoops to get the content pulled off MiniDV tapes. The cam is so old, drivers are no longer supported on anything but Windows XP so I actually had to rebuild XP on a junker laptop here at work just to pull the shots off the camera.

Anyway, the embedded flash video (FLV) is a quick view but if you have time, download the .WMV file and watch it on your desktop – the quality is slightly better and plays in full 640×480 standard vs. the 320×240 flash ripped for this site. The final format is slightly different because I was forced to use Windows Movie Maker (which is no longer supported outside XP either). I tried getting it all cut up to my iPhone for editing there but that was an epic failure. Converting the WMV to MOV looked (and sounded) even worse so I just left it with WMM.

Raw download: WMV (67mb)

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  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks so much for doing this dad! I know it was a major headache to publish but it’s too darn cute to miss! We will have to update our camera for sure but I’m so glad we did get this taped. Who knew she’d love an audience:) Looks like we’ve got a little star on our hands! Way to go Madeline! Mom and dad are SO proud of you!

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