Oct 25 2010

Pony Ride

I‘m not sure what it is about little girls and ponies but there has to be some unknown cosmic force of attraction at work. As far as I know, Madeline had never seen a pony (or horse for that matter) prior to this ride but within about 20 seconds of pulling up to the carousel, she was hooked. I thought for sure she would be at least a little scared but she didn’t even blink an eye when we walked her in and put her in the saddle. She sat on that darn horse and did great the whole time.

We were in the same area this weekend and sure enough as soon as Madeline saw “Sugar” it was all smiles and excitement again. BTW, the guy who owns the horses only charges $5 and it’s probably a good 10-15 minutes of walking. I can’t recall the last time we spent so little and got so much back. I’m betting we’ll make the hour drive again just to get her on that pony.

Raw download: 360p MOV (26mb), 720p MOV (76mb)

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