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Oct 21 2009

IE 8.0


Overall, I like some of the new changes in IE 8.0 but one feature in particular is driving me crazy: the delete option on the drop down URL list. The little red “X” is located in a column almost immediately beneath the drop down arrow. Mechanically, my natural URL selection motion drops the mouse pointer …

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Mar 27 2009

Secure Open Directories

By default, most ISP hosted Apache web server accounts do not prevent file indexing when a user navigates into a folder location missing a default index page. Why is this bad? For starters, it provides a quick and dirty method for determining your server/mod/plugin versions and install directory structure. Script Kiddie 101 stuff. A quick …

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Mar 18 2009

A New Style

Trying something new here with the layout. I spent some time yesterday browsing WordPress themes and stumbled on ‘elegant-grunge’ by Michael Tyson. I’ve still got a decent sized punch-list before the conversion is complete (mostly formatting consistency, etc.). I’ve also got some work yet to do under the hood with my custom page layouts (the …

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Mar 09 2009

Renaming multiple folders

I might go a few weeks or months before I download photos from our various digital cameras. I sort all my images into daily folders but the organization/connection software I use doesn’t allow me to create folder names with the structure I prefer (I hate spaces in file/folder names). I might end up with 50+ …

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Aug 06 2008

Code Fix 101

Nothing kills your day (or night in some cases) quicker then spending a couple hours trying to track down solutions to coding problems. Especially when you’re not really an expert on the stuff you’re trying to cludge together. Since I learn most of my code-foo via reverse engineering, it takes me a bit longer to …

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Jul 22 2008

$query_post syntax

On the off chance you stumble into this post while searching for an obscure [WordPress] bug, look no further. After 5 minutes of [WordPress template tag codex] searching on the properties of the $query_posts tag, you can fix an issue with the “Next & Previous” page links failing to advance the main page by replacing …

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