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Nov 05 2011

The Zen of Spam

It goes without saying but I obviously don’t update this site very often. Google probably has this site ranked somewhere in the back of the dusty old boxes at the bottom of their darkest basement but it certainly doesn’t prevent the post bots from dumping their little gems into my comments. I’m still getting about …

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Aug 12 2010

A new iPhone 4 and fun with iMovie

About two weeks ago, I did something I very rarely EVER do. I broke my phone. 3 years – no drops, dings, nicks or bad scratches. Originally, I had planned on upgrading my iPhone 3G at the end of the month but I was shuffling some stuff around on my desk and the phone slid …

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Nov 25 2009

Atari Arcade

I remember playing all 6 games on my friend’s console. Gripping the joystick (black, square base with a single red button) between the web of our thumb and pointer, we’d play for hours until our hands started to cramp. Atari has converted them into flash based web games: Atari Arcade Bonus Link: Muppets return to …

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May 11 2009

The Awesomer


My Brother turned me on to this site. Mostly guy stuff. Apparently the site owners filter over 1000 different tech sites and pick out only the stuff they think is cool. And yes, it is awesome.

Apr 17 2009

The Movie List

I don’t get a chance to catch many movies during their general release so I rely on services like iN Demand via my cable provider to keep me caught up. Problem is, not every movie makes it into any single service so I’ve been thinking about picking up a second service like Netflix. My brother …

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Dec 31 2008

Current iPhone Obsession

Every couple of weeks I browse through the iPhone App store hoping something catches my eye. 3rd party app development has really taken off – everybody with the SDK and a Macbook is hoping they’ll strike it rich with the next virtual fart machine, beer glass, etc. Sifting through all that useless crap can take …

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