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May 21 2009

Video of Madeline Walking

After several weeks of holding herself up, she final starting taking hesitant steps on her own. Everyday, she gets a little more confident and walks a little bit further. I have a feeling it won’t be long before she’s running around full speed. Windows Media Player (higher quality): Madeline Walking

Apr 16 2009

Photo Gallery Update

I finally had a chance to import the last of Madeline’s pictures over from the Gallery2 mod I was previously using to manage my photo albums. Due to the sheer volume of shots we take, I’m going to break up her photos by year. 2008 is up and complete, 2009 has some starter shots. Madeline …

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Mar 23 2009

Baby Proof

“No!” I exclaimed. Maddie looked up at me and started to giggle. She then proceeded to poke her finger back into the wall outlet. Apparently, it’s time to “baby proof” the loft.

Dec 30 2008

So damn cute …

Yea, she’s almost a year old and yea, she gets cuter every time I snap a pic. I’ve been so busy trying to get through Christmas and her upcoming Birthday/New Years I haven’t had much time to process the gazillion or so new pics we have but I promise – updated shots coming soon!

Dec 17 2008

Christmas Shopping

Have I done any yet? Nope. /trouble

Dec 11 2008

The Joys of Home Ownership

Two nights ago as I was parking my Jeep in the garage (underground parking), I noticed a pool of water collecting on the floor in an area that’s directly under our unit. The design of my loft building has all the piping exposed so it didn’t take long to find the culprit – apparently we …

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