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Oct 25 2010

Pony Ride

I‘m not sure what it is about little girls and ponies but there has to be some unknown cosmic force of attraction at work. As far as I know, Madeline had never seen a pony (or horse for that matter) prior to this ride but within about 20 seconds of pulling up to the carousel, …

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Oct 19 2010

Madeline’s First Gymnastics Recital

It seems like just yesterday Madeline was learning to walk and now she’s participated in her very first public gymnastics recital. Melissa has been keeping Madeline active over the last 8 months or so with swimming lessons, music and now – gymnastics. The local YMCA offers a 9 week class that introduces young children to …

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Aug 12 2010

A new iPhone 4 and fun with iMovie

About two weeks ago, I did something I very rarely EVER do. I broke my phone. 3 years – no drops, dings, nicks or bad scratches. Originally, I had planned on upgrading my iPhone 3G at the end of the month but I was shuffling some stuff around on my desk and the phone slid …

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Jun 08 2009

Life … or something like it

Not much new to report, just trying to get re-acclimated to the oppressive heat during the Georgia Summer while watching Maddie grow up. Madeline has pretty much given up crawling and is now walking almost full time! Apple just announced the new iPhone 3G S is set for release on June 17th – looking over …

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May 21 2009

Video of Madeline Walking

After several weeks of holding herself up, she final starting taking hesitant steps on her own. Everyday, she gets a little more confident and walks a little bit further. I have a feeling it won’t be long before she’s running around full speed. Windows Media Player (higher quality): Madeline Walking

Apr 16 2009

Photo Gallery Update

I finally had a chance to import the last of Madeline’s pictures over from the Gallery2 mod I was previously using to manage my photo albums. Due to the sheer volume of shots we take, I’m going to break up her photos by year. 2008 is up and complete, 2009 has some starter shots. Madeline …

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