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Mar 23 2009

Baby Proof

“No!” I exclaimed. Maddie looked up at me and started to giggle. She then proceeded to poke her finger back into the wall outlet. Apparently, it’s time to “baby proof” the loft.

Dec 30 2008

So damn cute …

Yea, she’s almost a year old and yea, she gets cuter every time I snap a pic. I’ve been so busy trying to get through Christmas and her upcoming Birthday/New Years I haven’t had much time to process the gazillion or so new pics we have but I promise – updated shots coming soon!

Apr 17 2008

Madeline To-Do List: #1 Oil Change

Maybe when she’s finally old enough to drive (fly? teleport?) what ever passes for solo transportation won’t use oil but if it does, I want her to know how to change it. Tire pressure and general fluids check is part of the package.

Apr 08 2008

Courtesy of Uncle Sam

After a 3 month paper work battle with the [Social Security Office] and a phone call to our local Congressman’s office, we finally received Madeline’s SS# in the mail. I can’t believe something as routine as this could get so screwed up but then again, it’s just par for the courseĀ in Atlanta. It started at …

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Feb 23 2008

Shocking …

If you’ve spent any time browsing the not-so-wholesome parts of the Internet, you’ll probably pick out the humor in this photo immediately. Over the last few days, Madeline has started expressing her emotions with more pronounced facial animations. Melissa has been keeping the camera close by to catch some of her funnier moods and sometime …

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