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Aug 12 2010

A new iPhone 4 and fun with iMovie

About two weeks ago, I did something I very rarely EVER do. I broke my phone. 3 years – no drops, dings, nicks or bad scratches. Originally, I had planned on upgrading my iPhone 3G at the end of the month but I was shuffling some stuff around on my desk and the phone slid …

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Jun 18 2010

WordPress 3.0

Updated to WP 3.0. Let’s see if it’s stable and then I’ve got some posts to catch up on!

Dec 17 2009

Wachovia ATMs

It’s not often that commercial technology in the public sector makes such an intuitive leap into the modern world that I actually notice the change. Sure, plenty of stuff changes behind the scenes all the time but we pump gas from the same kind of terminals that have been in use for 20+ years, pay …

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Oct 21 2009

IE 8.0


Overall, I like some of the new changes in IE 8.0 but one feature in particular is driving me crazy: the delete option on the drop down URL list. The little red “X” is located in a column almost immediately beneath the drop down arrow. Mechanically, my natural URL selection motion drops the mouse pointer …

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Jul 29 2009

New tricks for old iPhones

This one came directly from a friend and fellow iPhone user I met in Columbus, Ohio last weekend. At the moment, AT&T doesn’t officially support tethering. They have a seperate 3G USB adapter product that costs an extra $60/month. However, with the latest 3.0 OS release, somebody over at BenM.atĀ figured out a way to modify …

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May 11 2009

The Awesomer


My Brother turned me on to this site. Mostly guy stuff. Apparently the site owners filter over 1000 different tech sites and pick out only the stuff they think is cool. And yes, it is awesome.

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