Aug 12 2010

A new iPhone 4 and fun with iMovie

About two weeks ago, I did something I very rarely EVER do. I broke my phone. 3 years – no drops, dings, nicks or bad scratches. Originally, I had planned on upgrading my iPhone 3G at the end of the month but I was shuffling some stuff around on my desk and the phone slid off the edge. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal – I’ve got a case for it and it’s only about a 2ft drop. Apparently this time it was enough. Phone fell flat on the front face. I picked it up an when I turned it on – white screen of death.

After a couple hours fiddling with the internals and some Google searching I had two options – hope the internal connection re-seating fixed it or replace the entire LCD screen and digitizer. Breaking it apart and putting it all back together didn’t work and I figured I was so close to swapping it out anyway, I might as well upgrade early. So after about 2 hours in line at the local Apple retail store that night, I walked out with a new iPhone 4.
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Aug 06 2010

College Football Season has begun!

Preseason AP and USA Today polls are out and it looks like Alabama will take the #1 spot, followed by Texas at #2, and finally Florida at #4. Not bad considering we lost a decent chunk of senior players (including Tebow). I personally think we might be slightly over-rated this early in the season but with returning talent like Brantley, Demps, Rainey, etc. it won’t take long to find out if we deserve the spot or not.

Chris Low from ESPN talks about potential Florida playmakers for the 2010 season:

Aug 02 2010

2010 Gator Football

8-5 (4-4)

Notable Players
QB: J. Brantley, T. Burton
WR: D. Thompson, C. Moore
RB: J. Demps, M. Gillislee
Team Stats

Regular Season
() 09/04 Miami (OH)
W 38-14) 09/11 USF
(W 31-17) 09/18 @ Tennessee
(W 48-14) 09/25 Kentucky
(L 31-6) 10/02 @ No. 1 Alabama
(L 33-29) 10/09 No. 12 LSU
(L 10-7) 10/16 Mississippi State (HC)
(W 34-31 OT) 10/30 @ Georgia (Jacksonville, FL)
(W 54-14) 11/06 @ Vanderbilt
(L 36-14) 11/13 No. 20 South Carolina
(W 48-10) 11/20 Appalachian State
(L 31-7) 11/27 @ FSU

Outback Bowl:
(W 37-24) 01/01 vs. Penn State

iCal subscription link: or download for direct import.

Aug 01 2010

iCal Gator Football calendar

I’ve created an iCal┬ácompatible calendar for general public use. Basically, any mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, Droid, etc. or software client like iCal for Macs, Outlook Clients, etc. can add my shared iCal formatted calendar to their client.

I’ll keep my master Google calendar updated with game times, Win/Losses, etc as the season progresses and more information becomes available. If you have it set up as a iCal subscription, any updates I make will sync with your client automatically. However, if you import the iCal .ics file directly, it won’t. I’ve included the entire 2010 Fall Gator Football schedule plus the 5 BCS National Title games.

iPhone/iPad Calendar Subscription

1) On your iPhone/iPad navigate to: Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Add Account -> Other -> Add Subscribed Calendar
2) For the server address, type the following (case sensitive):
3) Click Next and leave all the other default settings as is.

Once it verifies the link, you’ll be able to view it like any other calendar loaded on your phone/iPad. If you type the short URL incorrectly, you’ll get a generic subscription entry with no additional calendar content.


1) Download and save the basic.ics file to your local hard drive
2) Navigate to: File -> Import and Export -> Import an iCalendar or vCalendar file (.vcs)
3) Click Nextand then navigate and select the basic.ics file you downloaded in step 1

Because Outlook imports the calendar directly from a file, it won’t update the entries automatically when I make changes to the my master Google calendar.

9/5/10 ETA: Added the ESPN Game recap link to the individual game event discription for completed games. Link shows up hot on the iPhone calendar!

11/10/10 ETA: Added placeholders for the 2011 regular season. Thanks David!

09/21/11 ETA: Updated entries for the 2011 regular season.

Jul 20 2010

Whirlwind Summer

It’s been quite the busy summer for us here in Atlanta. We just got back from a great 8 day vacation to FL (part of our annual scalloping trip), Madeline has been busy with swim lessons after school, Melissa has been buried under a non-stop deluge of patients at work and I’m still trying to find a job in FL. You wake up one morning and realize another month has just slipped by and summer is almost gone.

Anyway, I’m really doing this site an injustice by not posting. My photo log is backed up, I’m averaging about one post per month and it’s been a struggle lately to figure out what to post. I need to develop a posting routine like my friend David over at and his Daily David/Friday Five even if it’s just random bits I find interesting and not related to anything Tober.


Jun 18 2010

WordPress 3.0

Updated to WP 3.0. Let’s see if it’s stable and then I’ve got some posts to catch up on!

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