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Apr 27 2009

Spring in Atlanta

Love the cool weather, low humdity and occasional thunderstorm. Hate the constant congestion, head colds and body aches from the non-stop barrage of pollen. It covers everything and makes your life miserable.

Jan 16 2009

Freezing in Atlanta

Weather Report Possible snow showers Saturday night. Wind chill somewhere in the low teens. Not as bad as the stuff my brother is dealing with in Minnesota but it’s still pretty fricken cold here!

Dec 11 2008

Beware the slow moving water

Apparently, if it rains long enough in Atlanta, GA. even the water gets stuck in traffic. Normally the Department of Corrections does an OK job keeping the highways picked up (even though people in Atlanta are horrible when it comes to throwing trash away properly) but during heavy prolonged rain (it’s been coming down for …

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Sep 30 2008

Sam’s Club

Membership has it’s privileges. $3.97 a gallon for unleaded vs. $4.20 or more at a regular gas station. Plus, with the membership requirements you aren’t standing in line for 30-60 mins. Today they had both regular and premium in stock. Granted, Mel and I don’t shop there very often but the savings per gallon on …

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Sep 29 2008

Craptastic week.

Monday morning recap: The Gators lost Our checking and savings bank: Wachovia goes under Atlanta is facing another 2 weeks of gas shortages Lovely week it will be.

Sep 23 2008

Out of Gas?

Yea almost. Quarter tank left and I can’t find a gas station here in the metro Atlanta area that has stock. Apparently gas is flowing into the city but everybody is trying to keep topped-off so any stock that makes it to a station is gone within a couple hours. I estimate I’ve got another …

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