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May 11 2009

The Awesomer


My Brother turned me on to this site. Mostly guy stuff. Apparently the site owners filter over 1000 different tech sites and pick out only the stuff they think is cool. And yes, it is awesome.

Mar 17 2009

The Want List …

I‘m pretty obsessed with gadget technology. Unfortunately, most of it gets classified as “a want” vs. “a need” by my financial planner (i.e. my wife) and for good reason. I could easily go broke keeping up with the technology equivalent of the Joneses. I mean seriously, some this stuff is pretty frickin cool. Laptop sexy: …

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Jul 14 2008

iPhone 2.0 Redux

So I’m hooked. I gotta get the new [iPhone 2.0]. Problem is, every store in Atlanta is sold out and nobody has a clue when the next shipment will arrive. I had a shot on Saturday but missed the last one by 15 minutes so now I’m going crazy from [instant gratification withdrawl]. My buddy …

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Jul 03 2008

iPhone 2.0

About a year ago as the first iPhone was coming online and it seemed like the entire world was standing in line to get one, I made a decision to wait. Partly because I couldn’t afford ~$400+ of my own money on a new phone no matter how frickin’ cool it looked or how revolutionary …

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Apr 22 2008

Nikon D40 Digital SLR

If you’re in the market for an entry level digital SLR, I would highly recommend the [Nikon D40]. It’s already been replaced by the D40x and the newer D60 but [Ken Rockwell’s Nikon D40 review] lays out a pretty good arguement on why you should save your money and stick with the D40. So far …

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Apr 21 2008

SPOT Personal Tracker: Part 2

I finally had a chance to run my latest gadget through it’s paces this weekend. My brother and I hiked the 8.8 mile [Gahuti Trail Loop] on Saturday so it was a perfect opportunity to test the GPS receiver / Satellite transmitter part of the [SPOTâ„¢]. The trail had a good mix of ravine, ridge, …

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