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Nov 18 2008

How Long?

Given the volatility of our current market, one wonders how low local gas prices will go before bottoming out. In August we peaked at roughly $4.19 for regular unleaded. Mel and I filled up last night in Ellijay (about an hour north of metro Atlanta) for $1.89. Say what? Yea, that’s a $2.30 drop in …

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Oct 10 2008

October is the month of crazy!

Ten days ago I was worried I might not be able to find enough gas to keep my wife and I going.  Today, not only do we have plenty of gas but the cost per gallon is almost 65 cents less.  Crude Oil barrel prices are somewhere in the sub $90 range (and falling) so …

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Sep 23 2008

Out of Gas?

Yea almost. Quarter tank left and I can’t find a gas station here in the metro Atlanta area that has stock. Apparently gas is flowing into the city but everybody is trying to keep topped-off so any stock that makes it to a station is gone within a couple hours. I estimate I’ve got another …

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