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Aug 06 2010

College Football Season has begun!

Preseason AP and USA Today polls are out and it looks like Alabama will take the #1 spot, followed by Texas at #2, and finally Florida at #4. Not bad considering we lost a decent chunk of senior players (including Tebow). I personally think we might be slightly over-rated this early in the season but …

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Aug 02 2010

2010 Gator Football

W-L (CONF) 8-5 (4-4) Notable Players QB: J. Brantley, T. Burton WR: D. Thompson, C. Moore RB: J. Demps, M. Gillislee TE: LB: Team Stats Regular Season (

Dec 01 2008

Free Shoes University

Another spectacular win this weekend. Impressive performance considering the crappy weather conditions and the flooded field at Doak Cambell Stadium.  Both sides had several minor injuries related to the slick field conditions, including Percy Harvin who ended up with a high ankle sprain late in the 2nd quarter.  FSU managed some impressive kick/punt returns but that was about it.  …

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Nov 17 2008

Gators Clinch SEC East

Technically, the Gator’s clenched the SEC East division last week after drubbing Vanderbuilt in another blow out win for UF. This week, the Gator’s managed to hang 50 points on the Ole’ Ball Coach and handed him his worse defeat in 92 games. Spurrier was lucky it wasn’t worse – Meyer pulled Tebow and most …

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Sep 29 2008

Craptastic week.

Monday morning recap: The Gators lost Our checking and savings bank: Wachovia goes under Atlanta is facing another 2 weeks of gas shortages Lovely week it will be.

Sep 28 2008

It was over when …

I‘m obviously not a football coach. I’ve never actually played organized football beyond some backyard games as a kid. However, watching the Gator’s line up on 4th and 1 with ~45 seconds left on the game clock, knowing we only needed another ~10 yards for an easy field goal, I knew Tebow was taking the …

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