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Jul 03 2008

iPhone 2.0

About a year ago as the first iPhone was coming online and it seemed like the entire world was standing in line to get one, I made a decision to wait. Partly because I couldn’t afford ~$400+ of my own money on a new phone no matter how frickin’ cool it looked or how revolutionary …

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May 12 2008

MSR HyperFlow™

I finally found a replacement for my heavy (read: bombproof) [Katadyn Pocket Filter]. At ~20oz, it’s kind of a pig for lightweight backpacking so I’ve been keeping my eye out for a replacement. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my Pocket Filter, it’s one of the best personal ceramic water filters on the market imo – …

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Apr 21 2008

SPOT Personal Tracker: Part 2

I finally had a chance to run my latest gadget through it’s paces this weekend. My brother and I hiked the 8.8 mile [Gahuti Trail Loop] on Saturday so it was a perfect opportunity to test the GPS receiver / Satellite transmitter part of the [SPOT™]. The trail had a good mix of ravine, ridge, …

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