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Mar 10 2009

Apple Mobile Device service

FYI: Leave it installed. Otherwise you’ll spend 20 minutes trying to figure out why your iPhone/iPod/iTouch won’t sync or kick into charge mode. A little more important than say, Bonjour. Which btw, is a completely useless discovery protocol that CAN be safely deleted off your Window’s network as long as you don’t run anything related …

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Dec 31 2008

Current iPhone Obsession

Every couple of weeks I browse through the iPhone App store hoping something catches my eye. 3rd party app development has really taken off – everybody with the SDK and a Macbook is hoping they’ll strike it rich with the next virtual fart machine, beer glass, etc. Sifting through all that useless crap can take …

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Sep 16 2008

iPhone 2.1

Apple just dropped their latest firmware update for the iPhone. The 2.1 firmware update apparently addresses some issues with the 3G network, text messaging, application installations, iTunes backup speed, battery life, etc. I never really had any trouble with applications crashing or dropped calls when using the 3G network but I have noticed a marked …

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Aug 26 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

Another year – another birthday come and gone (8/22/72).   The unfairness of it all – the older I get, the quicker each year seems to fly by.  I guess my accelerated return to the diapers from whence I came is balanced by getting to watch my little girl grow up – I can’t believe she’ll be …

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Aug 16 2008

Zenbe Lists

As seen on my iPhone via [Zenbe Lists]: To-do list 8/18/08 Book store Finish laundry Balance check-book Milk Propel Car wash

Jul 30 2008

iPhone Act III – Return of the iPhone

After some AT&T account juggling I was finally able to secure a discounted iPhone. It arrived yesterday (8 day direct fullfillment order) and after waiting in line at the local AT&T store for 90 minutes last night, I got my paws on this marvelous little piece of technology. 24 hours later and I’m still pretty …

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